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The restart

Well, I'm 38 years old at this point.
I graduated in Computer Science in 2002.
I worked in "TI area" from 1999 to 2012. A lot of old technologies, as Visual Basic 4, Visual Basic 6 and that first version of ASP. I worked a lot with PL/SQL and T/SQL and also worked writing and executing tests cases.

But I was lost. I thought the happinnes was inside a office, so I searched a lot for it.

Of course, I did't find.

So I left the area.
I created an online shop then I worked at a woodshop.

In this time, I kind understand better who I was.
And I finally understand that the happinnes should be in me.
And that I should work with some technology that make sense to me.

So, in 2018 I restarted my path.
First with Unity and C#.
Then I get in touch with web development.

Yes, web development, a thing that is there since "forever".

But it never ring my bell that I should try it.....

In 2019 I did the bootcamp of Le Wagon and that was amazing.
A lot of things "clicked" and I was happy coding - a thing that I thought should be impossible in 2012.

So, here I am.

Starting over...

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