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Discussion on: Which Payment Platform is suitable for a hobby dev project ?

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Ben Halpern

I believe Stripe might handle these use cases but I'm not sure. Are you aware of Stripe Atlas? Not sure it fits but worth being in the know of.

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Sergio Daniel Xalambrí

There are a lot of things to do (and pay) when you want to use Stripe Atlas. For a hobby dev project I don't think you may want to pay $500 to start receiving money.

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Aswath KNM

Hey Ben

I knew about stripe atlas . I don't want my Payment Gateway to ask for a business license . That's why I took atlas out of the option .

BTW Applying for a GP business license is cheap in India($250). But I don't want my project as a business. I just want to see where it goes and improve from there . Thanks for the input though.