Which Payment Platform is suitable for a hobby dev project ?

aswathm78 profile image Aswath KNM ・1 min read

I am developing a project in my free time, that requires a subscription based service .

To start a production ready payment gateway interface, Companies like Stripe and Razorpay requires Business license .

The currently working thing is PayPal. I'm looking for alternatives.

My question is
Is there any payment gateway that doesn't require Business license and also supports payments for International Transactions ?


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I believe Stripe might handle these use cases but I'm not sure. Are you aware of Stripe Atlas? Not sure it fits but worth being in the know of.


Hey Ben

I knew about stripe atlas . I don't want my Payment Gateway to ask for a business license . That's why I took atlas out of the option .

BTW Applying for a GP business license is cheap in India($250). But I don't want my project as a business. I just want to see where it goes and improve from there . Thanks for the input though.


There are a lot of things to do (and pay) when you want to use Stripe Atlas. For a hobby dev project I don't think you may want to pay $500 to start receiving money.


I think maybe PayPal or Patreon.

Patreon is a subscription by default and you can use its API to check if an user is paying you, but you are tied to people required to go to Patreon to pay you.


I am currently using paypal .

But the problem is they don't accept RuPay cards, which is one of the most widely used Debit Cards in India . Thats why I'm a little bit confused for using PayPal .

I never knew patreon as a PGI . Thanks for the insight . I'll check it out


Of course, this is quite a lot, but I encourage you to test g2a pay, because 30 days is without obligation. It's just right to see if it's a tool for you. Cheers!