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I have to use registry scripts to set up auto-logins for digital signage computers. Rather than keeping a bunch of dangerous registry-editing scripts on my filesystem, I wrote a Python script that takes a template, combines it with login info from a JSON file, and creates the necessary registry script. That way I can create them as needed and delete them when I'm done without worrying about losing the information or accidentally running them.

I also have to inspect exit signs throughout my workplace. In order to keep track of these inspections, I made a web page that queries a SQLite database via AJAX requests to Python cgi scripts. When I need to log a new inspection, I just run py -m http.server --cgi and go to localhost:8000/ in my browser. It's kind of kludgy in its current state, but I'm thinking about re-implementing it with Django.


Yeah, using Django is the best option and a piece of cake to implement.

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