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Discussion on: Is "C Programming language" Still Worth Learning in 2021?

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After rereading the comment; yes, correct, however you're implying that some change is made or some code is read, which doesn't even need to be the case in my experience.
Often it's just useful to know how memory works (and why adding a character in the middle of a string is so terribly complex (or terribly expensive if you're lazy), even if it's not part of some C code at all.
The mindset of string manipulation in C is inherent to every language I know, but C is the only language that makes it painstakingly apparent as to why you can't just move half the string one byte further in memory to insert another character.
C's pointers also make it super easy to understand rope libraries, because it all boils down to "don't move, just store three pointers in a list¹ instead".

Basically knowing C isn't a requirement for any other programming language, but it gives you a natural understanding of some very hard problems, and how to solve them, no matter what language or runtime.

¹: one of the reasons why C is so terribly annoying in every-day use, and the reason I don't use it every day, is the absence of built-in and well supported collections, though there is some library/header file which does have collections (maps, sets, lists, double ended queues, etc.) implemented with a few macros, I am just unable to ever recall which library it was ;-;