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re: Adding reCaptcha v3 to a Rails app without a gem VIEW POST


Hi Felice, great article!

I'm handling my forms with ajax (remote: true) and I'm struggling to figure out how I can reset the recaptcha after a successful post. Any help would be appreciated :)



Hi Ben, thanks for reading!

Unfortunately, I've never done the resetting with ajax myself, so I can't give you any tips from my own experience. I was just checking out some other blogs and the google documentation, though, and you might be able to use the reCaptcha javascript api and reset it with grecaptcha.reset(widgetId);. This blog post mentions it but not sure if it works.


I know this is a little late but I just had to solve this problem so hopefully my response can help someone else. Basically, since my form is a create action, I edited my create.js file to update the token on failed submission. Here's how:

Here's a portion of my form where I render a partial that include my captcha tag:


<div class="col-12">
  <div class="form-group captcha captcha-lead_creation_modal">
    <%= render "potential_clients/captcha_field", action: 'lead_creation_modal' %>

<div class="col-lg-12 d-flex m-t-20">
  <%= f.submit 'Request More Information', class: "btn btn-md btn-block btn-info-gradiant" %>

Here's the complete partial: potential_clients/captcha_field:

<%= recaptcha_execute(action) %>

Finally, in my create.js I do the following:

// other error handling / success code goes here

$(".captcha-lead_creation_modal").html("<%= j render 'potential_clients/captcha_field', action: 'lead_creation_modal' %>")

This will re-render the portion of the form with the token and since it hits the helper function, a new token is generated!


Nice! Thank you so much for sharing your solution!

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