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Ben Lebherz
Ben Lebherz

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Projects done as Bachelor/Masters Student

Hey, I am a computer science/software engineering student from Stuttgart, Germany. I am convinced that open source is the way to go, so I try to do my best to contribute my share to it.
Besides my studies, I also worked as a system operator, security administrator and lecturer at a college. During my bachelor's and master's program, I did some working-student jobs in the finance industry and a little social volunteering. Currently, I am in the last year of my study and work some hours per week as a freelancer in a german financial company.

In my student time I also created a few private projects which are, of course, open source...

Smart-Home related code in Home-Assistant and in also some integration for it, like

and also in AppDaemon itself and apps for it, like

  • AutoMoLi 💡 a fully automatic light management based on motion and other smart features.
  • EnCh 👩‍⚕️ to ensure your Home-Assistant entities will not run out of battery, not have undesired states and other checks.
  • NotiFreeze ❄️ which reminds to close windows if temperature difference inside/outside exceeds a specified threshold
  • Healthcheck 🏥 a simple health check app that is providing an API to use as a docker-compose health check for AppDaemon or similar.

and standalone smart home tools, like

  • miblepy 🌴 🌡️ ⚖️ which fetches data from various (Xiaomi/Mijia/Mi) Bluetooth LE devices and push it to a MQTT broker in a coordinated, sequential manner

Libraries powering the smart home stuff

  • surepy 🐾 Library for the Sure Petcare API. Used by the Sure PetFlap/CatFlap Connect smart flaps.
  • horimote 📺 Library for controlling the Horizon HD-Recorder of Unitymedia Germany.

Security-related projects I contributed to include

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