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You're a hero 😉

Real talk: Microsoft already discontinued support, they're only giving the tiniest minimal support to ie11

Realer talk: almost no one really has IE11 support as a hard requirement, unless your company or client made some poor choices in the oughts and got vendor locked to proprietary Microsoft features (looking at you, ActiveX). PMs and devs who think of IE11 support as a "nice-to-have" are flat wrong. It's not nice to have. It's destructive and costly for everyone - users, mgmt, and devs alike.

Realest talk: just like they did with xp, Microsoft will probably extend support for IE11 past that due date for anyone willing to pay enough.

Take away: if you're not locked to ActiveX controls, drop IE11 support immediately. Leave an explainer for users advising them why (security, ux quality).

I'd like to see some more links on that page to explanations of why and how you should stop supporting IE11 today, without waiting for EOL.


One of our big clients is a car conpany and according to our analytics, we have more users on ie11 than firefox and that's reason enough for us to keep support for ie11, i hope we stop support before EOL, but only tine will tell.

I would love to add more links to explanation of why we should all drop support for ie11, if you have any, let me know. I have plans to add a link to meduz's site that shows the percentage of ie11 users in certain regions.

Sidenote : Canada has a relatively high ie11 userbase, so we still have to keep support

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