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Discussion on: Frequent delivery - how?

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Bertil Muth Author

Do you currently work that way? How are business priorities reflected in your way of working?

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Chris James • Edited

Yes I do, it's very nice and teams I have worked on have always been less stressed, more productive and happier compared to teams that release weekly/monthly

Re the business

It's important to distinguish between business requirements and technical activities.

Files moving from one server to the other (i.e deploying) is not a business concern. Just like how creating functions is not a business concern.

Depending on the business it is better to ship features when they're ready even in an MVP state. But if the business wants/needs control, use feature flags.


Due to the fast feedback, iterative nature of continuous delivery business requirements are generally more based on actual real feedback rather than guesses. In addition because we can ship things easier they are more open to trying different ideas. So CD is not only a technical win but a business one too. It changes the way the business works for the better.