re: I'm planning on creating a website with NodeJS, What can I use to future proof it? VIEW POST


If you want development speed you want to use Meteor.JS. Is a node.js with steroids (~10 custom plugins and a special MongoDB). You'll have a full website in a matter of minutes if you already know your way around with : hot code push, database data in your client browser, websocket connection, ability to fetch/call server side functions, user system etc.

I recommend Meteor only if you want to prototype OR make a small website, with large /heavy traffic websites I would say to make a more custom solution.

For a more simple, custom and straight forward option you will want a bundler like webpack and start pooring frameworks in it (Babel, ReactJS etc).

I used template systems all my life (>10yrs), I strongly recommend WebComponents (Vue,React etc), this is a newer better way to do HTML/JS/CSS.

MongoDB vs MySql (any NoSQL vs any SQL) is all about your data sets, needs and queries. They also work together for the same website, storing different things. Use MongoDB for faster iterations, simple queries and low overhead.

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