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re: Which programming language/environment is more “powerful” than people realize? VIEW POST


For the "credit part" I think is Bash. The entire internet works because of it, including all the new shiny Continuous Deployment pipelines.

As for powerful ... depends with who you're talking to, choose the ones that they do not know anything about and they will be surprised. Now days mostly pure FP languages like Haskell, Java/C# are importing FP goodies and their devs still think it's OOP magic.


I came for this.

For prototyping the most popular option is Python, whenever I get a chance I pick bash. Never failed.

Have an arrays mini crash course.

distro update script


Honestly every time I write a Bash script more than 20 lines long I start regretting that I didn't write it in Python, and usually rewrite it.

I could be a lot more knowledgeable about Bash, sure. But it could also have fewer footguns!


I came looking for bash!

People never seem to realize just what you can do with bash. Sure you could write a python or ruby script to move those family pictures from various folders to one, or you could do the same thing in Bash without worrying about maintainability or shells or any other weight.

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