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I learn in layers:

  1. Fundamentals,
  2. Specifics
  3. Latest stuff and real examples

1 . I don't know any good ones (front-end is not my focus), but have you tried books? They are the best resource type for fundamentals. There are some online (like eloquentjavascript), and most of them are in digital format too.

2 . For frameworks, for me at least, their official documentation is enough, once you know the concepts is just a matter of finding the right function and its parameters to do your work.

3 . Youtube has tens of free yearly conferences, including ~5 JS Confs, CSS Confs, hardware, even one for programming languages designs. This is where you find specific examples, solution to real dev problems and how the theory meets the practice.

Other similar websites (do not know if they have something front-end specific):

  • coursera
  • IBM training (I've done a few small free courses and their quality was good)
  • Udacity
  • Standord and MIT online free courses, mainly for CS fundamentals
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