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Discussion on: Algorithms and Data Structures in the 21st century

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Adrian B.G.

Why big companies seek for this kind of knowledge at this day and age?

(I think) Because their employees may, sooner or later, encounter a new complex technical problem that is not on stackoverflow, as a side effect of being few of the first companies that does something new or reach a threshold, example they had to build a database and a file system in 2003-2005 to handle petabytes of data.

Also if you know CS you will write better code, even if you work with frameworks you will understand the tradeofs, especially when it comes to performance. And performance matters when you have 1M servers, and if you can reduce the load by 10% you can add a value of millions of $ each year.

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Leonardo Teteo Author

I see, it makes sense, you really cannot imagine what problems such companies' employees face everyday, this experience would already be very valuable.

You are right, as a web developer I face performance problems very often, mainly from databases, the biggest bottleneck in web development.