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As a senior I started not by writing code, but doing issues maintenance, finding duplicates and related bugs.
Helping devs to reproduce bugs.
You can write documentation, unit tests.
Doing all these you will get familiar with the OSS practice, the project and its mainteners. You will do PR in no time after this.


I returned with the last 2 concrete examples: - lead to a problem in another server actually, and it was one that I couldn't find or fix anyway, I don't have that deep knowledge of the product, but putting in time and gathering enough data helped other devs to find the problem quicker - closing over 100 issues helped a lot with the issues management, is like removing dead code

Bottom line is that choose a project you love, and start contributing with what you can, when you can, things will evolve naturally. There is no pressure, no material gain, is all about love for software.


I just keep other Devs busy getting them to help me fix all my bugs I earned just learning new woops...and honestly need and appreciate all the help...I'm beginning


Not sure if you’ve seen it or not, but is designed to get people involved through an “issues first” approach.


Thanks for offering the examples! I am going to look and ape :D

I agree bug reproduction and unit tests are a great place to start. My last gig was in support so I'm familiar with the repro side; my life's wish is to see/get to the end of a problem. :)

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