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From what I know there are few major ways, either one is easy to achieve

  • donations (do not get your hopes high, except if you can convince the big players, companies)
  • dual licensing (one free, one payed for big companies that will take advantage in a commercial product, see Redis new license)
  • support (includes a range of things)
  • payed corporate version, similar with the free version but has more features

Yes, you are right - Donation doesn't help that much. When platforms like Open Collective and Pateron, maintainer doesn't earn that much unless big players are convinced.

In my repo, I don't have dual licence system and paid corporate versions.

What type of support can be provided? This seems nice idea


You alone probably cannot offer support. It usually means enterprise support, search for MariaDB or MongoDB services and see what they are doing.

The bottom line is that, in order for the big companies to use your product, you have to offer support to it, in any environment/timezone, and to all your product dependencies (example if it uses a database you have to to that as well, or have a collaboration with another company).

I say "big", because if someone is "small" probably will not have the money to pay for a support.

You can find many resources on this field, this is one of them I actually attended Open source slush by one of the MySQL and MariaDB founders.

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