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Discussion on: The API-First Approach To Building Softwares

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Adrian B.G.

I do not think this term should exists, I mean its name is misleading. The API is not at the core of the app design, the entities and actions are the ones who dictates the API structure and properties. You cannot invent an API and after than think at your business logic. The *DD techniques are all about this, the API is just an artifact.

Never the less, it is a normal evolution of the classical 3-layer architecture and I think that you are crazy if you do not build your new systems using this technique.

Another thing, I do not like is that you are stealing all the traits of the APIs and attribute it to this technique. Most of the benefits you mention came from the fact that you have an API, not that you used ADD. Same goes as TDD, your code is not better from the TDD is just that you have unit tests.

PS: you forgot about GraphQL which is a major player nowdays

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Kwabena Bio Berko Author • Edited on

Yeah, the title was misleading. Updated it.