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Discussion on: I was a (social) Game Developer for 5 years, Ask Me Anything!

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Adrian B.G. Ask Me Anything

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

You are right, I only worked with freemium games (we tried other types of monetization but they did not work, the players are too used to this technique now days) and the Whales (and Dolphins) are the ones who keep the lights on. As it is a private matter under NDA I cannot talk specific stories.

For the readers who do not know, the gaming industry split the players in 4 major categories: non-payers, payers (regulars made at least 1 purchase), dolphins and whales. The exact amount and criteria to become one of these are different for each industry (eg: 25$ dolphin 100$ whale, or 250/1000 ).

You can compare the Whales with the VIP/corporate customers in a non-gaming industry (special features, premium support and so on).

I think that the most success story driven by dolphins and whales is StarCitizen, they raise over 200M USD , as a side not I am a big fan, contributor and made a fan site