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Discussion on: I was a (social) Game Developer for 5 years, Ask Me Anything!

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Adrian B.G. Ask Me Anything


These are some hard questions, and I want to remind that the reasons are a mix of :

  • my own vision of the life
  • my own history and experience
  • the current events on my family timeline
  • basically very subjective personal opinion
  • I was a DEVELOPER, other departments have very different experiences

The gaming industry is very tough, the effects are that you work a lot (more than a SASS corporate) and earn less. It is comparable with the marketing digital agencies, except I didn't do extra time.

After my 2nd mini avatar was created (we have 2 kids now), my priorities changed. I needed a more stable environment and I had a lot more bills to pay.

The gaming industry in Bucharest is pretty small, I know the other studios and I consider I already was in the coolest one. If I wanted something better I would have to move abroad or work remote (which takes all the fun of working in a gaming studio). Also the social game industry peak was a few years ago, the glory days are pretty over.

I will continue to make games as a hobby, but for now, seeing how commercial games are done pretty much destroyed the fun out of gaming for me. I can look at a game and analyze each element (UI or logical) on why it exists, and most likely because they want to make more money.

Others said to start my own studio, but I know how hard it is and how much money the marketing cost, so there is no way in hell to go on that road.