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Mathematicians == functional programming, there is no question.

But if they are not into programming, and you want them to enter just as a hobby do not include work matters, do not call upon the HUGE languages like .net where you get lost on stack overflow. Make funny projects with them, games are always good for the morale

start slow - Khan academy - JS canvas library
CodeCombat.com or codingame.com or other competitive ones, where you can battle each other, a tournament is always good for spirit
Unity3D - has Mono, but you can achieve a lot of things w/o scripting. Do weekend game jams.


I never thought about using non-.NET languages. JavaScript may be a good place to start. I will think about it.

Anyways, most of them are not completely new to programming. They have done some SQL and VBA and the intention is to level up. But you are right - none of them are really into to programming so your suggestions may show them the joys of it.

Thanks for your advice.


Np, as a professor is hard to find something they might like. For kids Scratch works great for example.

You can try other fields too like: make a pathfinding route for the Roman empire or learn how to query one of the biggest public DB hosted at GCloud, like GDELT, make scripts to fetch those data or you download them, and make cool contests to find the weirdest popular news like how many ppl were killed by a parrot :).
The point is that languages are just tools, you will learn a tool when you have a project for it and understand it's utility, and want too.

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