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Let me ask the basic noob question
What do you think will be best for developing native android app, Kotlin or Java??
Cuz i would never learn java but would probably go in app development
(I am currently thinking to go for either React Native or Flutter )


Hello! Depends on your skills and what you want. If you want to develop native apps I highly recommended firstly to learn Java, exactly core Java, not an Android framework. Then starting to create some basics android applications. About Kotlin, I think if you know Java, you probably 100% know Kotlin, I myself smoothly switched from Java to Kotlin in my production project without any troubles. But keep in mind true Android developer should know both languages on the nice level because of all Android SDK written in Java and 70-80% legacy Android apps written in Java. About React Native and Flutter, I can not say anything, because for React Native need JavaScript and for Flutter need Dart, I don't use either JS and Dart.

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