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Discussion on: Bitbucket, GitHub or GitLab: What's your fav?

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I keep my own projects on GitLab, but mirror them to GitHub.

The GitLab community is smaller, which means you get fewer stars, which would come in handy for a job interview, for example. In addition, GitHub is much more widespread, so its integration with other services is better supported (e.g. CodeClimate).

Benefits of GitLab

  • User centric
    • It’s quite subjective, but I feel that the goal of GitLab is to make the user really happy and that’s why constantly adding new features, the development of GitHub seems to me to be slower
  • Private repositories for free
    • It is now available at GitHub, but GitLab has been providing this service for free for years earlier
  • When pushing into a non-existent repo, it creates it
    • You don't have to go up to, create a private repo and then back to the console, push -> it does it all by itself
  • Significantly simpler CI / CD
    • Instead of having to configure Travis CI, CodeClimate, etc. separately, you can configure everything in one place, in the .gitlab-ci.yml file.
  • Smarter issue tracker
    • They support agile software development, include time tracking, list related issues at the top of the current one (although you may have to pay for the feature, I'm not sure about this), issues can be weighted, and more.

Benefits of GitHub

  • Oh my God ... it's full of stars ...
    • There are simply more users, so more people like and star repos. To stay on GitLab but still get the stars you want, create mirrors on GitHub for the GitLab repo!
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Gitlab Meetup Community • Edited

Hey bimlas, Greetings from GitLab Meetup Community πŸ₯‚
That's a huge understanding πŸ€ πŸ€—

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... I feel that the goal of GitLab is to make the user really happy ...

This is what I'm talking about. :D

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Madza Author

Thank you so much, learned a bit πŸ™β€