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Discussion on: Secure authentication in Nuxt SPA with Laravel as back-end

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Binu Mathew

I am also got the similar error, get logout everytime i do a refresh, any option ?

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StefanT123 Author

Once a user has logged in, you should put user_id in the cookies. Then make a plugin that will check if the user exists and x-access-token does not exist, if these conditions are true, then you should dispatch an action to refresh the token.

export default function ({store}) {
  window.onNuxtReady(() => {
    let token = clientCookies.get('x-access-token');
    let user = clientCookies.get('user_id');

    if (user && ! token) {
        .catch(errors => {
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Alex Wu

This doesn't seem to work for me, does this work for anyone else? It STILL signs me out every time I refresh the page. very annoying