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5 Lessons learned from side projects

Binyamin Galinsky on June 29, 2018

I Am Devloper @iamdevloper [Midnight, a plumber sits at home covered in water, fixing a leaking tap]“I love side projects” 12:41 PM - 06 Jun ... [Read Full]
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I've been working on one for ages now and it's great fun to work on something where I'm driving the requirements and the code. It's a cycling route planner web app. Problem is now I'm a dad of twins, progress is so slow that I want to rewrite the JS in ES6, but I also want to get the new features done too. My recommendation is don't do what I used to do and do paid side projects you don't enjoy for not a lot of money. Do it for yourself.


Completely agree with to all 5 pointers! Actually our product - is actually a side project built by one person in under a month (even our UI is unimpressive but it does the job :D).

The aim, as you said, has never been to monetise it. Rather it has been always been towards empowering entrepreneurs building remote-first tools. We have learnt a lot from the first version and are now planning to up the ante with the second version.

Do let me know your thoughts on it.

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