re: What are you not interested in learning? VIEW POST


Here are mine:

  • Frontend (too hyped)
  • Blockchain (too volatile)
  • Frameworks (too much)
  • Functional programming (too useless)
  • Machine learning, deep learning, AI (too complex)
  • VR (too noisy)
  • Hardware (too hard)

In fact, I just care about PHP.


@biros you read my mind.

'cept replace PHP w/ Dev(Sec/Git/Chat)Ops as I've done PHP for 10+ yrs professionally.


My last affirmation was a gratuitous provocation. Although I don't care about items from the list above, I strongly care about Go, docker, gitlab, swagger, cloud deployment, ELK, prometheus and many others.


Functional programming useless? Learn the basics and you master recursion


I'm almost done with PH after HTML, CSS and JavaScript. JavaScript made it all smooth for me. Well, I'm on learning everything, it's adventure for me.

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