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Discussion on: An Alternative to NPM and Yarn Scripts - Bonnie!

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Benjamin Jesuiter

Hey arctiv_hen7,

Thank you for making this cli!
I had this problem too and I'm glad to have found your cli :)

However, I think you can improve the deployment a bit (at least for macos).

  1. Please add somewhere to the readme, that one has to make the download from your release page executable on their system, otherwise executing it will not work.
    Also the executable must be added to their path.
    I know, most developers will know this, but if it's in the readme, it'll be easier :)

  2. Your executable is not fully signed & trusted by apple and therefore the user has to jump through some warning screens at first execution.
    You can look at my repo of macos-file-summoner here, which is a go based tool and is fully signed and runs on macos without any security warnings:

Ok, I admit, the automatic apple verification process over github actions is quite complicated, i wrestled with it for 3 or 4 days straight. :D But at least you could use that as a baseline and tweak it afterwards. ^^

  1. An even easier solution for installation would be to provide a homebrew package for macos (and probably app packages for linux and chocolatey packages for windows also). I know, this is another complicated thing, but it would lower the barier of entry even further and help users to use your tool :)

If you want, I may look into the specification on how to provide a homebrew package and make a PR for you.

I hope, these suggestions do not sound aggressive. I'm only a happy developer myself and want to contribute to cool things I find on the internet :)

Have a nice day!

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arctic_hen7 Author

Hey thanks so much! PRs are always welcome, and that'd be great! I don't have a Mac, so your insight is greatly appreciated! That's a very fair point on the README, and I'll make that clearer!