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Discussion on: Coding after 40: Learning Ruby

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Björn Grunde

Keep going, Drew!
When I started studying CS at the university, there were this guy that was so much older than everyone else. Most of us were between 18 and 23 and this guy was 43. He had worked in a kiosk his whole life, serving and cooking different kinds of fast food. One day he decided he had enough and started his BS in CS.

He proved to be invaluable for the students. At my University, student organizations were divided by subject, so CS majors had their org, Law had their and doctors and nurses had their org and so on.

Whit his life experience and knowledge of running a company he changed our student org from broke, drunk and clueless students to an organization that co-operates with it-companies in that town. We hade everything from code camps to visiting companies to see how they worked, to recruitment days. It was amazing.

Now 9 years later he is working as a system engineer for a big company.

So from my experience, even if you first land a junior dev role, you probably will bring a lot more to the table than you think :)

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drew Author

Thanks for the encouragement, that is really great to hear. I wanted to be one of those "six months into a dev job" guys, but I realized it was going to take me longer so I decided coding every day would be more important over the long run than how quickly I get hired. I'd be just fine with a junior job :)