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Discussion on: Automate Taking Website Screenshots With Selenium in Python

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BK ☕ Author • Edited on

Hello Suhail, you're very welcome.
I am on my Mac right now, so I had the chance to do a quick test.
All I had to do is download Chrome Webdriver for MacOS from the link provided in the post, installed selenium with pip. Of course I had the change the path to the webdriver, I ran the python script and it worked with no additional tweaking.

Another tip, if you'd like to run the job with Chrome headless:

# imports here
# links = [array of links]

options = webdriver.ChromeOptions()

with webdriver.Chrome('/Users/userName/chromedriver', chrome_options=options) as driver:
    # code here

I tested the headless on MacOS, I am trying to test this on Ubuntu on a remote server. I'll update the post if I succeed.

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Nice work Bilal, Thanks a lot for the effort.