re: This post is half-assed, dude. "The major benefits of GraphQL are : Let’s take a deeper look at how GraphQL tackles these." did you forget to...

That's a pretty toxic way of responding to someone else's work. Don't take that as an offense but as a well meant personal advice: If you don't want other people to really hate working with you, change your communication!

BTW @saranshk Thanks for the article! I recently witnessed a pretty emotional argument about the pros and cons of REST and GraphQL and oh boy it could have used some objective insights like the ones you gave, here :)


Thanks for the kind words @bkis :)

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I was being honest, dude. Look i can see this community having its' place as a lower-quality spin off of medium dev-blogs, but there's gotta be at least a minimal level of due diligence. I cannot appreciate someone writing an article and not even reading it back before posting it... that's why i wrote "half-assed"

Well, dude, thank you for proving my point.

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