re: Rails 6 to include new Action Text framework VIEW POST

re: Maybe. Though ActiveStorage was extracted from Basecamp, the maintainer has not been very open to user feedback/requests so far and now they add so...

Hi Michael, would be very interested to hear if you've managed to get action text working with Shrine, especially to display images in-line in rich text. If so, would be interested to hear your thoughts / how you did it.

Alas I haven't yet had the opportunity to work with Rails 6, but you made me curious so I did a little digging and found this discussion with Janko (the creator of Shrine) where it sounds like ActionText needs ActiveStorage. ☹️

ok cool. appreciate the message.

I"ll have to rip out the good bits of action text in terms of its parsing capabilities and handle the storage myself. seems like a tall order!

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