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Seonyoung Chloe (she/they)
Seonyoung Chloe (she/they)

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50: The Employable Skills for a Web front-end developer

I want to WORK, as a front end developer by self-learning, I was stuck in the idealism and reality, that I should not spend a thousand of times to worry about the things not happened to me, for example, another failure, I spent one year to figure out what the software engineering is that, and could not be out of the advice from the Bootcamp, However, Everyone has each different paths, My layout is completed, and it is time for me to draw and make it movable by javascript!

It was totally worth to value the research, the truth is that no one can code your idea, coding is such beautiful harmony 'sense and sensibility'

DON'T GIVE UP! That is most important when it comes to challenging learning forever.


[1] ES6 - JavaScript
let, const vs var / closures / classes/prototype
promise (fetch API, async/await) / arrow function / module(import/export) / template strings / spread operator
[2] git & github
[3] npm/yarn(JSON)
[4] Linux
[5] WebPack
[7] framework ( REACT or ANGULAR or EMBER or VUE whatever)
[8] svg , canvas
[9] gulp / grunt
[10] service worker(PWA)
[11] TEST FRAMEWORK- Jasmine, mocha, protractor
[12] Mobile Development

Then create your things, it can be whatever you want, interactive website, blog, any type of things related to web front end development,

This is about confidence, Don't let people devalue your ideas, and I had been through from bias, judgment, even exception.

It is okay to start over differently, and the completion is my real goal, then I would decide to keep going or not

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