63: Ugly Coding

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Before creating the pretty portfolio website that makes my face look nice to others, I would rather choose to know my ugly codes, that's also me, I need my ugly code, honestly, faking is such easy, but we know inside. I couldn't even step into HTML, CSS because I was not satisfied with solving problems, I solved less than 10 problems, and felt it is not enough! and I respect my standard now, really. 

I am going to challenge 'solve the 30 problems' for one month! with Javascript :)

Going to continue the artwork journey no matter how hard it is, no matter how inefficient it is, I am a baby coder, why do I need to be like a marathon runner? I am just learning how to walk. Sometimes, I feel vulnerable, falling down is painful, shame, BUT again, That is normal, and it is OKAY.

No reject to get loved by the right people, and thanks to that the developer groups are opened to diversity, which is my biggest inspiration to consist of my creativity and happy to connect with like-minded people globally. And... SO, let me start my authentic world :)

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