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85: Generative Art coding

blanchloe profile image Seonyoung Chloe (she/they) ・1 min read

What I want to make is...

The thing I mind about in this process is to separate their original opinions, in order to minimalize my idea and make it connect if there is something similar. And, develop the imagination. here is what I am impressed with today…

Explore, don’t be scared of trying (different) things, trust yourself, never be complacent, keep on learning. I started my career in a tiny print studio where I would spend most of my time designing (boring) print jobs.

One day, the studio (somehow) got its first web mandate. This forced me to (self) teach myself web design, Flash, After Effects… and led me to where I am today! I also believe that the more well-rounded you are, the better a designer you’ll be — learn UX, learn to code, learn motion design. The more you understand, the better you’ll design.

Via this article :

I could say I am more likely to code based on the designer’s brain. And, I was looking for the examples, and people who create the artwork with code 🌉

My initial reason was simply creating the motion design (In my word, Digital Painting by writing), I found out it enough and chose to focus on this cool

Creativeness is the most essential when it comes to artwork, that is my disposition is. It makes me push the new self-challenge and out of the comfort zone! Enjoying the process each step is pretty realistic and non-stressful… 🏕

My main goal:

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Donna Chin

That sounds amazing! And totally go for it, let your creativity thrive. I am currently in a similar situation but kind of bumped into creative coding by accident. I don't regret the decision and it actually helped me enjoy and love programming even more now.

If you are still looking for examples or how to develop further in this area, here are some places that might help. You don't need ay experience since they walk you through pretty well:

Vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS3 manipulates the

JS Framework Zim.js, a very cool and creative library

Blender tutorial with David Mignot

Time Rodenbröker

Paid courses

Bruno Simon's Three.js Journey

Blender lessons in Generative Art with Midge Sinnaeve

I hope this is helpful and very excited for you!