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83: The true beauty of engineering.

blanchloe profile image Seonyoung Chloe (she/they) ・1 min read

Similarity Between Artist and Engineer.

Are you the type of one who wants to actualize your imagination and sometimes fears losing your sensibility? simply, the creator. I care what I am inspired by anything, anyone, and… never stoped to get inspiration. In this case, it might be a struggle to understand and communicate with people who have a different idea. And, they could say, what are you doing? you are being unproductive. yeah, it is logically correct.

Why diversity is important

I realized through my experience from senior's advice. At the same time, I think we all individuals are different and not be able to apply what they told us… Because we all are born differently, in fact!
We can not share the same history, which is impossible. If you concentrate on the fundamentals as same as me, then, please, the reason I would like to refocus on mathematics, (nowadays, it is an algebra and could be different sector, for example, discrete mathematics.)

Could I find the mathematical reasoning?

Let me please challenge, It is too worthy, enjoyable, and beautiful…. :)

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