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Learning Rust with rustlings

So.... first thing is first

Hello again!!!!

Welcome pal

I am writing and learning while I am in a call on discord :)

So what you would be wondering now:
Q: Why Rust (lang)? Do you love your self?
A: Why not? And no... I just UwU

Now I have answered your questions, I am going to learn Rust, the programming language not the game OwO

So, I am learning the syntax here:

You can install it or you use it in, read the README :D

Next... when you open the repo, you see something like this
Files and folders

I've read the, so I know what and where things are jsjsjssjsjsjsjs

And the first thing we have to do is type rustlings in the terminal, if you get an error, probably you don't have the binaries in the PATH, so be careful!!!

So with that we get a little of information, the real problem starts with rustlings watch that we will use, since it makes us follow everything, from beginning.

Each time we fix (or maybe not, and we just bug it more :D), the command will display for us the error or a "Congratulation" for doing it well.

And this is everything for today :D

Have a nice sleep. With love B

Good night

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(I liked more the red bird :_()
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