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Discussion on: How We Tried to Chatbot Our Way out of a Support Crisis

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Madusudanan.B.N • Edited on

Very nice article. I think this distinction is very important. We must recognize that AI is still not at that level where we can create fully automated bots that can replace humans. That would turn into a complete disaster story leaving the customer frustrated. Lot of people are still aiming for that. The realistic solution is somewhere in between.

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Maxime Laboissonniere

Yeah the "in-between" is indeed ideal for now, but we'll progressively move to less and less human input and more and more ML/AI handoff. Maybe quicker than we think hehe!

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Francois Lanthier Nadeau Author

Appreciate you taking the time to read through. ML/AI is getting there, but you're right, baby steps. :)