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Discussion on: Which technology you should learn to get a remote job easily?

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Brian Quinn

My 2020 training plan and learning objective is highly driven by my focus on a steady remote work scenario. I have of late been fascinated by the concept of AI and ML. That combined with the popularity of Python and the link of Python to AI and ML code sets a very clear path for me.

  1. React and Node continuation.
  2. Python with a focus on ML and AI to include chat bots.
  3. Java continuation with a focus on Spring Boot, micro services and repository interfaces.

That should keep me busy and hopefully I'll get more steady remote contracts.
Right now I'm in with .NET Core, MVC, C#.NET, Web Api, Angular, Node, Express and some React. Every now and then when I see an old COBOL, DB2, requirement I wonder if I should have stuck there. But honestly none of the companies still using that ancient technology will give in an inch on remote.