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FULL DISCUSSION | Software Engineer | New York City (NYC, Brooklyn) | Onsite / Full-time | $90-140K, 0.1 - 1.5% equity

About us
We’ve built a secure way to pay online without sharing your personally identifiable information (PII) or credit card number. Make a new card number for every purchase with just 1-click. We're a small team of 10 based in a sunny Chinatown loft, generating significant revenue, and backed by top-tier investors. As one of our early engineering hires, you’ll make meaningful impact on both our product and culture.

Some things we’re working on now

  • Improving our fraud modeling and ML classifiers that detect anomalous behavior and prevent fraud
  • Building out growth hooks, A/B testing and optimizing funnels
  • New product features
  • Updates to our real-time transaction processing system where requests must be responded to in milliseconds

What we're looking for

  • Someone who understands that code is written as much for humans to read and maintain as it is for machines to run
  • Can-do mentality, with the willingness to wear a sysadmin or devops hat when necessary
  • Proficiency with javascript preferred but not required (our stack is mostly js with some c++ and python)
  • 2+ years of real-world experience shipping product on a team

How to apply
If this piques your interest, drop us a line at!

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