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Fantastic curation of the Tech lead's responsibilities. There's one thing I didn't see you mention, that I think is key, and even caters to the issue of individual contributions, and that's "pairing".

Like you mentioned, you unblock the team by ensuring that the stories/tasks are as clear as possible to remove all possibilities of ambiguity/scope creep. The other part of unblocking I believe is having pairing sessions with the team. This gives you insight into:

  • The strengths/weaknesses of your team members, and gives you a clear picture of just how you can support
  • In cases where you both don't immediately know the answers, it helps exercise both your problem solving skills, and in most cases, they'd be able to learn from that.
  • It helps increase the bond with your team members, especially as you solve open ended problems, fix bugs and achieve small wins together.

Thanks for writing!


Thank you! I agree that these points are valid.

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