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re: As such, it appear critical to me to choose wisely. Yeah, I agree to this. But we should not choose on base of wrong information, e.g. our asses...

Yep, that the issue. An unrelated but key aspect of being in the workplace for me is to define your strategy.

For example when I was youger I was on a quite nice project and after 1.5 year i got the impression I learned most of what there was to learn there. So I asked my boss to give me another mission.

I got one 3 week later, but it was much less interresing. Then later on I finally got hired by another company, but I had to work about 3 years for them to get really interresting projects, to give the time for the managers to trust me.

The thing is, I think that I have learned significantly from the changing projects, using different technologies etc anyway. And it was necessary.

But on the other side, I can't help but say you have to always be on a great project in the company. They kind of project that are interresting to work on, that has visibility in the company, that could be nice on your CV and that is well managed (nice team, nice managers and so on).

So I'll avoid changing if I am currently on a great project in a great team because I'll always learn and have pleasuring experience every days. If I am thinking to change, I'll try to get max information on what to do next before commiting...

I have seen to many nice colleagues that were not happy, asked to changed, got a change and got worse team/manager etc that don't even want to let them go after 1-2 years.

In a sense, it is expected. The bad managers/teams have high turnover because everybody want to leave them. So that were you have the most "opportunities" in the company while people working on a nice project/team tend to stay and people just arround try to get a place there without the position being advertised.

This, obviously isn't the only strategy I guess. You may want to be recognized for being able to do the boring job that has to be done and so on. I know a guy that did the boring job for 2 years and now if offered a management role... But one has to clear on his strategy.

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