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Eeeew hard-coded <br> in the middle of sentences. You should have
a doctor look at that!


Hi! Where is the hard-coded
? I have the doctor on the phone as we speak.


An example:
<p>My opinion tend to match the one of the aforementioned author although I like to<br>
believe that such a skill (being good at whiteboard interviews) is about having<br>
a set of very good to have other skills, soft and hard.</p>

This renders really badly for certain viewport sizes. Excellent article though, I really enjoyed it!

Oh! That's bad! Thanks for telling me! I checked my article, no extraneous html tags so I guess the markdown parser that dev.to uses could be the issue. I'll forward this issue to someone!

And thanks for reading my article :)

I think I've found the issue! It should look better now :)
Thanks for the feedback!

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