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re: Salt Stack - a better alternative to Puppet, Chef, etc. - also comes with built-in support for encrypting secrets while you store them in your vers...

Hi Duke. Salt Stack looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing it—I'll add it to my list of alternatives.


Yea it does a lot of things very well, and is built with components that you can take into use separately.

Some examples of things you can do with Salt Stack:

  • Configure your servers (install software, setup config files, restart services, yadi yadi yada)
  • Automate actions throughout your infrastructure based on events, e.g. when a new API server boots up it gets added to the load balancer
  • Orchestrate your cloud infrastructure - you configure the number of each type of server you need and Salt takes care of the rest
  • Remotely run shell commands on multiple servers simultaneously with filters
  • Do various rolling release fashion operations

Basically Salt Stack can take care of most of your server management needs.

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