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So lets make 2 thought experiments:

  1. We continue (the Angular team, and community) down this same path for the foreseeable future. What happens?

  2. We stop and ask for help. Assuming we can get what we want within reason, what should be done, in what order? Whats the "perfect version" of Angular?

Obviously these are thought experiments and I don't think there are any wrong answers to either, I'm just curious as to what sorta options there are.

I would hope Google get's Angular back together. If not it may end-up in the Google graveyard, where Google just uses something else internally. (Like Polymer, which is used on a bunch of user facing apps already) I honestly could see this happening. Probably not fast in any respect, but slowly and painfully.

I'm honestly not sure what the "best" move would be at this point. Obviously better leadership internally seems to be a big factor. This is open source, and a fork (gasp) might happen. Due to the surface area of Angular, this might be an insane
task in itself.

PS comparing Angular's combined issues to React and Vue seems rather unfair in that neither have nearly as much code/surface area as core Angular repos (the three listed and combined)


I would propose two things: First, change the governance model of the Angular project to be more transparent and more open to collaboration with the community, particularly non-Google entities like Nrwl. This could involve transferring ownership of the project from Google to a foundation.

Second, be realistic about engineering capacity vs. ambition and reduce the scope of the framework's core to what can actually be maintained. Move some parts of the framework out of the core into community-managed projects. For example, both reactive forms and the router have seen very little attention from the core team, but as long as they are official parts of the framework, it is very difficult for alternative implementations to gain traction.


Move some parts of the framework out of the core into community-managed projects.

Hell no, look where did that get react native


Thank you, those are great suggestions. I don't have an answer, but something needs to change. We need to be discussing issues and alternatives like these in the open.

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