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I got my first Chromebook before Android app support was released, and was very happy when Linux support was announced. I tried out crostini, but had stability issues and the performance was questionable. On-top of that, I disliked the fact putting a Chromebook into developer mode, threw all the great ChromeOS security out the window. So the native Linux support was welcome.

Unfortunately I had "growing pains" with all the new features due to the specs of the Chromebook I was using.

  • 16gb of HD disappears if Linux and Android support is added, I ended up with less than 1gb of working memory.
  • 1.6ghz base processor speed makes any heavy duty tasks slow

I was able to utilize my Chromebook as my main development platform using some online IDE's for a project. (legacy Cloud 9) So its totally doable, its capable but Chromebooks are under powered, so don't expect to be able to perform heavy duty tasks. 😄

I now use a Pixelbook and have little to no qualms, besides the less than stellar cpu performance. Its good enough, but you wouldn't consider it fast haha. I still use a Manjaro desktop for day to day, heavy duty work. I use the Pixelbook for everything else and I love it! (was not cheap though...)


Haha we had similar chromebook experiences! I'm so glad that there are other chromebook fans on here, I thought I was alone, but you and me had really similar chromebook paths including cloud 9 and even manjaro(though I switched to ubuntu budgie). Also I switched from a pixelbook to the hp 14 x360 cause the pixelbook was a bit small.

Either way, keep up the good fight!


Don't hear of too many Chromebook fans, but I think that will change over time as the OS gets better every day 😄

I like smaller laptop sizes (11 inches is my go-to), as they are easier to carry around, but that's just me :D

There are literally like 10 of us chromebook developer fans! Soon we will take over the world though, I'm sure of it!


Ha-ha! I know! I played with the i7 version they had at Best Buy. It was $1500+, much more than I can afford. I found it at Amazonfor $1200 if anyone is interested??? 16G Ram and 512G SSD. Sick.


My Pixelbook was one of the few impulse buys I've made in my life. The 1.2k deal is out there most of the time, which makes it a little more palatable. We are still talking about Macbook price range though haha.


The pixelbook and other great flagship chromebooks like the pixel slate and hp chromebook 14 x360 are on sale often and always keeps things up to date on sales. That's how I got the x360 for $350 and it's an amazing machine.

I’ll keep that in mind! I had a bad experience with HP once so, I didn’t really look at those this time around.

That's fair. All my hp chromebooks have been nice though!

I’m willing to give them another chance since you are recommending them. Hoping I can buy a new one in the new year!

Yeah, don't feel obligated for an hp if you don't want to, really anything more powerful and intel based should be good for you I would think. :D

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