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Discussion on: Are you using Docker for local development?

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I'm a TypeScript full-stack developer and tried to learn how to use docker-compose+docker locally and just found a lot of pain and misery. I couldn't even think of what I could gain besides defining what node-version everything runs in and being able to "boot up" a database locally easily.

I tried to learn how to use both Docker and docker-compose from scratch and just had a tough time. Most tutorials I found go into a simple hello-world setup, or dive deep into shell scripts and commands for vastly more advanced use-cases.

I ended up giving up on using Docker locally.

Right now beyond defining just a running node version (I use nvm) I don't see much benefit in using either technology, besides being able to setup a database locally.

I'm sure I'm missing the point, but then as a "dev" that wants as little ops as possible, Docker wasn't good enough for me :'(

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That Blair Guy

Avoiding the ops is a major selling point for Docker on the desktop. Once the image (or at the very least, the Dockerfile) is created, there's no need to install anything on the local system.

I used to run VMs so I could install tools (e.g. database servers, web servers, etc.) without screwing up my primary system. With Docker, all the installation is done in a container.

Need to switch back and forth between multiple versions of node? Shut down the old container, and spin up another with the other version and you're ready to go. The time to switch is measurable in minutes and the host system is unaffected.

There is a paradigm switch, because you have to figure out what files need to live outside the container and which ones don't, but it's much lighter weight than VMs and faster than uninstalling/reinstalling every time you want to update part of your stack.