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I've seen serverless Devs too. It's not really back end because they run code directly in a server architecture like Lambda. It requires a different skill set to traditional backend Devs.


Thank you. That's interesting. I still see that as a back-end developer.. mostly because it is not front-end :) I haven't seen people who specialize in serverless work so far, but it is interesting to hear that it is happening. The world is moving in that direction for sure, and I fully expect that in the next few years most back-end code (or... "not front-end code") will be running on virtualized environments that abstract the concept of a server out of the equation.


It's not really backend though because the serverless Devs don't need to understand anything of the hosting/http infrastructure and the code they were looks like front end.

It's not docker. If call that backend because you need to understand the hosting environment.

If you're going to split out Wordpress, then there is definitely a place for serverless.

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