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Discussion on: 🎮 CSS Nintendo Switch (Box Shadow & Gradient Practice)

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Anthony Bramley

Woah! I need a map of where you got all of that time, patience, and talent from! What you've done with just CSS is amazing to me, especially since I tried this a while back and failed worse than you'd be able to imagine. I hope to see you do more great things with CSS like this in the near future!

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Elisabeth Diang 🌻 Author

Thank you for the kind words Anthony!

I need a map of where you got all of that time, patience, and talent from!

The patience, time, and results came from the will to try and have fun! Failure is unnerving, but it's how we view and handle failure that makes a difference. View it as a learning experience. Ask yourself why this outcome took place instead of the desired outcome. More importantly, have fun with the process! Once you learn the basics, see what you can come up with. I learned most of what I know from MDN's CSS Basics article, and MDN's CSS Concepts page. Once I got the basics, I just had fun with it. Haha people totally judged me at first, but that didn't stop me from doing it. I was learning and having fun! You know what they say, "Creativity is intelligence having fun." You can do it. Take your time with it, don't compare yourself to others, let yourself have fun with the learning process, and style away! Best of luck. 🙂

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Raghav Misra

Hey Bramley