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One thing I think tech seems to take on board is the idea that the industry is different to others with the way it handles alcohol consumption. This is definitely anecdotal, and am sure culturally this is different in other countries, but Australia has an obsession with alcohol consumption regardless of industry. However some of the "benefits" (using that term loosely) is that there is some level of maturity around understanding cultural or medical reasons to not drink. Again, anecdotally, I've found that the tech industry has a lesser obsession with drinking than others here (finance, professional services etc.).

One thing I've definitely taken for granted is that a lot of organisations here are very accomodating to peoples needs - anything planned or run internally is (usually) very accomodating. However, meetups are still the usual pizza and beer culture - likely inherited because its the "cool thing" from US based tech culture.

I hope that this culture shift is something that continues globally - as Ben has said in the comments above, there's literally no downside to this (bar perhaps the additional cost - but having less food that is high quality is better than more low quality food in my opinion).

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