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Discussion on: Shipping React Native apps with Fastlane

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Andrew Breen 👨‍💻

Great write up - I had the (at the time) pain of setting up an RN project with Fastlane. Had to stumble through a lot of the configuration myself.

You should have a look at adding in your store listing data as part of the build too - it's an easy way to make sure that your listing goes live with a new version (if there's new features etc).

Anyone who is doing mobile apps development should be on Fastlane - there's no reason not to use it, and it's simple to work with tools like RN (or Phonegap, Ionic etc. etc.).

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Carlos Cuesta Author

For sure! There are a lot of automations that aren't covered in this post, such as making screenshots, automating changelogs etc. 😊