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Why I Love Notion for Note-taking and Much More

brendamichellle profile image Brenda Michelle ・3 min read

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by notion these are all my thoughts and opinion

If you are interested in seeing a detailed video on how I organize and take my notes check out my newest video.

I have always been in love with stationery, notebooks, pens, colorful highlighters, and when I started learning how to code I was excited to color code my notes and get to it.

However, once I started working on personal projects I realized that handwritten notes were not efficient. I would spend so much time trying to find the specific note that I wanted to reference and even more time trying to decode what my code snippets meant.

That was when I discovered Notion and my life changed. I went from using countless notebooks and apps to just using one. In this post, I will share with you all the top 5 reasons why I love the Notion app for note-taking and much more. If you are interested in knowing more about what I use notion for check out my Youtube channel or leave a comment below.

1. It’s Digital

The fact that it is digital and I can access it from anywhere is a huge plus. I can see my notes on my laptop, phone, tablet, or any other device I just need to login into my account. I no longer have to carry a bunch of notebooks and turn countless pages looking for that one note. With the quick find feature, I can find anything in my notes or in any of my pages.

2. User-friendly Interface

The interface is extremely user-friendly after a few days of using the app I felt at home. It is simple and clean with a side navbar and all the free space to do whatever comes to mind. You can even completely collapse the navbar on desktop which gives you even more space.

They also offer free templates that you can use and customize based on your needs. You can also create templates and reuse them. I have created some free templates that you can duplicate and start using for different things.

3. Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are endless with the Notion app. I personally use notion as my planner, which includes the year, monthly weekly, daily goals, and tasks. I also have a content planner, pages for notes, and templates I’ve made. I have even created a portfolio site with notion. I like going on Youtube or Pinterest and searching “notion setup ” to find inspiration and see what everyone else does with it.

4. All- in – one

It is the perfect all-in-one workspace. Personally, I love just having one app as my go-to. Before using notion I would use a separate calendar app, a notebook planner, Trello and even a to-do list app. Now all of that is in my Notion account. This has helped me be even more time-efficient.

5. An API is coming!

One of the most exciting reasons why I love and am excited about notion is that they are currently working on an API. Just thinking of all the possibilities gets me so excited. Being able to integrate it into other apps, websites etc.

If you are looking for an all-in-one workspace where you can take efficient notes and level up your life I 100% recommend the Notion app. If you already use the Notion app let me know in the comments what are your favorite features or what do you use it for?

I hope this post was helpful. If you have any questions leave them in the comments or if you just want to chat reach out I would love to connect.

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

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keefdrive profile image

I have used one note, air table, and Notion. Notion is great but one thing it lacks is OCR. In one note I used to take screenshots of text on screen or with a camera, then bring in the image into one note. One note is able to read text from images and It included text from the image in its search results. Other than that Notion is great and it's free!!!

brendamichellle profile image
Brenda Michelle Author

It would be amazing if notion had that feature. Hopefully in the future they can implement it 😊

mrrcollins profile image
Ryan Collins • Edited

Lack of an API is what is holding me back. They've been discussing it for a couple of years with little progress, but hopefully Spring 2021 will have it finally released.

Even something as simple as a way to create notes with an email would be nice.

This lack of interoperability doesn't strike much confidence in the usage of the service. Everyone raves about it now, but 5 years ago everyone was raving about Evernote. 😄

That being said, I'm going to have to take another look!

brendamichellle profile image
Brenda Michelle Author

I am also waiting for the API hopefully we see at least a beta this year. Just thinking of the possibilities gets me excited 🙂

paramo profile image

I found the notion databases awesome! Thanks for sharing!

brendamichellle profile image
Brenda Michelle Author

No problem 🙂

_bkern profile image
Barry • Edited

I loved that you posted a video with your blog. I found that really useful to 'see' the info too. Awesome!

brendamichellle profile image
Brenda Michelle Author

Thanks for reading and watching my video as well. I am very glad it was helpful. I was hoping the detailed video would compliment the blog post. 😊

maelingcodes profile image
Maeling (she/her)

This looks like it will really be helpful for organizing my notes! Thanks so much for the helpful writeup and video!

brendamichellle profile image
Brenda Michelle Author

I am glad you found it helpful. Let me know if you try out any of my templates. I would love to know 🙂