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whats the best database for electron react

brendonchirume profile image Brendon Chirume ใƒป1 min read

I'm a frontend developer with zero background in databases. I want to build an electron app, a retailware for a pharmacy this is a data-heavy application, with multiple tables and relationships, it is going to have tables for drugs, patients, transactions, etc. l want a database that doesn't require a third-party installation like xammp. From what I've been researching please the database has to be easy to compile with electron-react. the database starts from saving locally then synchronizes with another computer on a LAN probably at the start of the day and day end to the sever online. Please help me I want to learn databases from scratch. I've been learning MySQL and I need expert advice I've been reading blogs and everyone is talking of the same thing recommending different databases and libraries I'm knee-deep in confusion right now on where to start I'm completely open to suggestions and also how I can optimize it for performance or even just a guide of where to start.

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